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Sunday, 17 September 2017


Roses are red violets are blue I just hate automatic doors do you?
Automatic doors were may be made for the short people to feel as insignificant as an ant.
The sensors probably think that the short people are air. Why didn't the guy who invented automatic doors put the sensors on the side? He was probably skinny because you would not be able to see him. Then he will look like a crazy animal trying to opening the door . There are a couple of ways to open automatic doors, I will tell you some.

The monkey dance. It's where you go like this (do monkey dance). Pretend to box the sensors (do a boxing motion) And the one that is the most painful the headbutt!!!! Legend says that it is painful. We don't have to go into legends do we? If you want to know just come to me. I did do it.
It was painful. This is the story of the sore head.

Dang it my shoelaces are undone again hey mum wait up but it is too late she is already inside the supermarket but past the automatic doors. All right headbut the automatic door.
Then I will not have to make a dork of myself. On Three one two three!! Charge!!!! Right at that moment someone put there hand in the door… and opened it then I go crashing head first into my mum's trolley.

It seems that every single time. I have made a fool of myself there has been a  security camera there. I hope they don't make a movie of me. I can see the headlines: Come see the movie that won the award best kid that is crazy. Come see it at a movie theatre near you.

By Zack

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