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Monday, 29 May 2017

Week 4:trebuchet

Week 4 trebuchet : This week we did a catapult we are looking for the forces in the trebuchet. I found out there is a force when you pull the cord to launch the trebuchet. There is also a gravity force that it helps bring the weights down to the ground faster. When we changed the ball to a heavier ball the ball did not go as far because the required more weights than the other ball. The furthest shot was 32.0 meters with 22 bars. The shortest shot was 8.2 meters with 4 bars. I wonder what will happen if we did it on the concrete because the bounce might make it bounce further than on the grass. What will happen if I change put in two cricket balls in instead of one ball. The wind resistance plays a big part in this because if the wind is blowing hard to the left it will not go in the direction the trebuchet is pointing. My data gathering is relational because I have gathered data and I know what will happen if it happens. My inference are multi-structure because I have done three inferences.

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