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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sneaky me

I crept  into my sister's bedroom, so quiet that you could only hear the wind blowing onto the window. As silent as a mouse. I was commando crawling looking for Hannah’s Easter eggs then I saw them and I snapped them out of her bed. Suddenly my sister was awake, she was probably looking for her Easter eggs. I lay there as if I was paralysed. When she went to lie down I started to get the taste of the chocolate in my mouth. I crawled out of Hannah’s room. Then I hear the floorboards squeaking. I thought it was the Easter bunny. But it was just my dog Max. I told him to be very quiet. Then the most terrifying thing in the world -he started to lick me yuck! And then I heard silent footsteps coming my way. I was so scared that my muscles went rigid and my face was deathly pale. From my bedroom there was white stuff coming out of the darkness, my cat as white as sheep’s fur and her face as black as the underworld. She walked to the door and started to meow. Quickly, I needed to get into to my bed without making any noise. Quick now go go go and Sh Sh Sh.

By Zack killick.

1 comment:

  1. Zack-o, that is one cool story mate. But what were you doing out of bed......and stealing Hannah's easter eggs......