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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Responsible citizen

Responsible citizens are great role models and get great jobs like being mayor. People look up to them like John Key. Let me tell you about what these people do to be great citizens. For example being president is a great leadership role to take on, even when you have to decide what is good for the environment and health. You need to be trustworthy to become the president. The Mayor is also a great leadership role. The person looks after a city and covers all the community and schools. You would see the Mayor out and about in the communities but the president you really don't see in public.

If you are a responsible citizen this one is for you. A great citizen always takes care of the equipment. When they see rubbish they will go to pick it up, to take care of the environment and animals. Now there are some people that live in London who respect the environment by not using diesel and using new engines which  not pollute the air. If you borrow you return.

If you don't have these qualities the world would be a horrible place.

By Zack 

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